Rebrand Sestřič

Sestřič is a large home healthcare provider in the Czech Republic. They innovate home healthcare and educate people about the possibilities connected with it. They pay attention to palliative care which is a close topic to me, so it was a 100% match. At the beginning of our cooperation, it was clear that rebranding had to be done since the former logo did not enable customers to build any relationship to the brand. Subsequently, we created many more things together, as is my custom.



The rebranding of an established brand always brings about similar problems. People know the brand and remember the logo, which is also on cars, business cards, etc.

The solution is not such a big deal, if we think effectively. We evolved the brand naturally by defining the main parameters and transforming them into a new form. This way, we dealt with all possible problems, because people connected the new logo with the old one, in the street or on business cards.

Moreover, we prepared the brand for international expansion. I would like to introduce to you the most interesting materials I made in this order – banners for online advertising, clothing for nurses and an information leaflet.

At the beginning I took into account that Sestřič has many subsidiaries. It was an opportunity to give each subsidiary its own but, at the same time, a standardized logo. Moreover, it was a chance to teach the company how to use the logo, so I created posters where I pointed out the ideal use of it on promotional materials. And as it’s customary for me, I prepared a logo animation which can be used in all possible video materials as an intro or an outro. Subsequently, I made more things for the brand than we initially agreed on. When I mentioned education, I meant it literally. I made a short animated explainer video for Sestřič, which describes the possibilities of home care to the audience and refers them to a contact list for further information.


Examples of my work

The creation of other things followed. I would like to present to you the selection of most interesting created materials.

In this order, you can see banners for online advertising, clothes for nurses and an information flyer.


Explainer video

When I mentioned education, I meant it literally. For Sestřič, I also prepared a short animated explainer video, which explains the possibilities of home care to the audience and refers them to the contact for more information.