An Order and Pay System Like No Other

I liked Paymium from the very beginning. The connection of technology and comfort always gets me interested. Paymium is an order and pay system which enables online sales wherever it’s possible to add one’s HTML code. It’s ideal for people who sell only a few products and a full-fledged e-shop is a too complex solution for them. And because the complete output is basically a HTML button, they can sell products in mailing system or anywhere where custom HTML is enabled.


I have always been close to technology and any kind of innovation concerning technology and finance is very appealing to me. The creation of this branding was very natural and effortless. I knew what the graphic style would look like immediately after the first briefing. The gradient represents modernity; its coloring symbolizes technology. I highlighted the most important part of the name (PAY) and placed it into a credit card silhouette. I prepared three different color versions and branding was complete.


UI of app

Explainer video