An artistic visual

for a trap track

I belong to the target group of an artist called Bastard and I noticed his album on social media immediately after its release. We agreed that I would make a visual for his track I Love You 3000.

 I was given absolute freedom and I could create the whole concept myself. I listened to the album many times and I started to think of an environment which would go well with it. A dirty calm street after a rain, neon lights everywhere and a platinum Ferrari, which is a direct reference to a verse in the song.

he result is a ten-second loop, made completely in Blender. The platinum ‘rrari is driven through the city full of puddles, which is overflowing with neon lights bearing the names of the individual tracks or the lyrics. There are some Easter eggs concealed in the whole composition, such as posters with the cover of the album in the city. I put a great emphasis on the details. For example, all of the lights are reflected in the puddles and the car itself. 

The design is synchronized with the sound track – the lights are pulsing to the beat, the car is going faster and slower according to the tempo of the song and at the end of the track, the camera moves away from the car and the final subtitles are made up by the neon lights.